Root Activation
What drives you? It’s funny, when one thinks about the word drive, the first inclination is to think of the concept of motivation or the soul force within that pushes towards a desired goal. If taken literally, the word drive means much more than a motivation. It begs the question, “what controls you?” When an individual is driving, they are controlling the direction of the wheel and ultimately the direction of the vehicle. An individual is driving the object to where she wants to go. Let’s ask the question again. What drives you? What controls your life? At the very root of the force within you, what ideas, values, or morals activate your spirit? Many of us struggle with this very question. In fact, millions live in fear of lack of financial security or a loss of love from a person or people they value. Many live for the sake of competition: bigger,…Continue Reading
My name is Caleb Massey, I am lover and follower of Jesus Christ. I am from Smithfield, North Carolina. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday, and even went to a Christian school my entire life, I was very far from a relationship with my heavenly father. At the age of five I said a prayer to God and asked for salvation. They were insignificant words that meant nothing to me. In fact, it was just something to please my parents. So there I was, growing up in a Christian circle, doing the right things that were required of me. I grew up in an environment where it was all rules, and if we didn’t obey these man made rules we were condemned. I’m not condemning rules as unnecessary, but when they start mattering more then the person they are put in place…Continue Reading
WORRY verb ( worries, worrying, worried ) 1 [ no obj. ] give way to anxiety or unease; allow one’s mind to dwell on difficulty or troubles. This word. Makes me cringe. It’s ugly. A stealer of joy. An attack of the enemy. Yet, it seems way too close. Worry seems to be the topic of conversation after conversation today. It writes itself on the faces of those we encounter daily—people dear to our hearts, those we don’t know, we all seem to have this in common—worry. Whoever, wherever, this word creeps in on millions of lives, including mine. This is territory the enemy loves to step on, bringing us discouragement and fear. The world gives us every reason to worry. Money. Relationships. The future. Building success. Paying rent. It seems to be never-ending, this cycle of worry. One thing is figured out, and another reason to worry arises. Is…
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