When we were little babies, we all started with just sounds, “Da, ga, go, ge” and slowly we put the code together to form words like “da-da” or “ma-ma”. Our parents would freak out and encourage us to keep making sounds and forming words and every sound that came out of our mouth, they would jump with excitement. The sounds were initially very foolish, albeit cute as ever, and its natural for a baby to go through this process of learning to speak. A little less natural and pretty foolish is to see a grown man trying to learn the sounds of another language. This however is the same process anybody has to go through to effectively learn a new language. We have to hit the reset button and start with the sounds of the A, B, C’s and sometimes those don’t even exist in some languages! The quickest way…Continue Reading
Last week, in a crowded restaurant, Laura* leaned close to me and said, “Your face radiates the love of God your Father! I want that too. I want the love of God and I want him to be my Father.” She has never known God that way, but her heart told her this was real, true love. Laura’s deep desire for it led her to a prayer of repentance and an tearful plea for God to become her Father. God’s family is his expression of true love and belonging. Because He loves us, “His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. And this gave him great pleasure”(Eph. 1:5). God’s family is his expression of true love and belonging. He delights in making himself known through his family of adopted children. We are a part of his story,…
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“The buses should be running today” our Columbian friend David said with confidence. We catch a ride with him into Guadalajara for our Spanish classes every day. On this particular day, Guadalajara was celebrating Dia de la Virgen. Every year, there is a big “parade” stretching from Guadalajara to Zapopan for the transferring of the Patrona of Zapopan from one Cathedral to another. After our Spanish class, we went to catch our first of two buses that we take home. I was relieved when the 371 Bus came into sight still having a sense that it could be difficult to get home. As we approached our destination, our second bus stop, we saw a large problem. The whole street was blocked for the parade. We exited the bus and tried to figure out what to do. There were masses of people going in both directions. We decided to walk a little…Continue Reading