Hair cuts for strangers by Dustin Berlin
I met Dustin Berlin when he stayed at our house in Barcelona. I hadn’t cried laughing for a while, and it happened after 15 minutes with him. I’m inspired by how he blesses and loves others on the street by using his talents. AMAG: How did you get the idea to cut hair on the street? DB: I know that we can bless each other with the skills we have. I have done hairdressing for 8 years and most people want a hip and personalized look or just feel fresh. If I have the power to do that with ease, I should be out there giving back with my skill. I’ve been cutting hair for random people ever since I started hairdressing in 2006. I believe everyone has a skill. Maybe a hard skill like a mechanic or doing massage or a soft skill, like being aware of other people’s…Continue Reading