Editor's note: Isaac sent this as an update from his recent trip to Nepal. I have adapted it to an article. Be sure and look at the photos in the header by using the right arrow to scroll. Last week I returned from one of my favorite nations, Nepal! Leading up to this trip, it soon became one of my most faith building ventures as I needed to raise a few thousand dollars in such a short amount of time. Through many of your prayers guided by the power of God I actually left with more than I needed that I was able to donate! In just 10 days I raised my goal of just under $3,000 on GoFundMe the crowdfunding platform and was able to join in with the second Kona wave team. Many natural disasters happen all over the world, but with the earthquakes that devastated Nepal it…Continue Reading
As we arrive at the halfway point of our Awaken Discipleship Training School (DTS), Amy Sollars came to teach. She is a prominent teacher on the Holy Spirit. One day, we had mass baptisms in the Holy Spirit. The next, we had teaching and mass anointing in gifts of the spirit. By Wednesday, our entire class had either been hardcore rocked by God or was becoming a little bummed out by their own lack of encounters. God moves in unexplainable ways. Why he encounters some so strongly, some gradually and others not in physical ways is a mystery. We have to trust that God is indeed moving in everybody’s lives and hearts regardless of physical manifestations. We saw so many students encountered by God in ways that will truly change their lives forever. People were called into missions long term, freed from strongholds, and given the Holy Spirit in truly amazing ways.…Continue Reading
2 Ayrzana, Herdsman in Erdenetsagaan, Sukhbaatar, Mongolia
“Look… see the fields are ripe for harvest. Already the one who reaps is receiving wages and gathering fruit for eternal life…” – John 4:34,36 In Jesus’ command to “Look… and see” is also His empowerment for us to see and reap the harvest. When we intentionally focus on harvesting, we reap! It actually is that simple. In Mongolia we reaped a harvest that had been ripe since Jesus spoke these words two thousand years ago. over 40 people decided they wanted to follow Jesus instead of Buddhism, ancestral worship, or alcohol, which previously enthroned their hearts. Individuals who had never been exposed to the gospel responded with extreme excitement as they heard the good news. Almost every person we talked with was curious to hear about Jesus, and as they heard, over 40 people decided they wanted to follow Jesus instead of Buddhism, ancestral worship, or alcohol, which previously…Continue Reading
Little did I think that just two days after arriving in Katmandu Nepal, we would swiftly be whisked into one of the most incredible journeys of our lives. Upon arriving, we only had enough time to unpack and go shopping for what we would need on the two week trek to Darma, which was an unreached village that had never heard the gospel of Jesus before. I didn’t exactly know what to feel except to be excited! We hopped onto a bus with our team along with some of the Ministry staff. After a rocky and bumpy 13 hour bus ride, we hopped on a sketchy plane and flew to the NW region of Nepal; a district called Humla, We flew into a village called Simikot, where massive snow laden mountains fill the landscape and the fresh crisp mountain air fills your lungs. All around our plane was a rainbow…Continue Reading
Background Information Location: Lohne, Germany  Brian works with a ministry called Fascinate Transformation School. The first school was located in Taylors, South Carolina. He traveled with some of the Fascinate community to Germany to help run another school put on by a missionary friend. After a speaking engagement at a church in Germany, my friends and I  went out to a late dinner with some of our new friends. The eight of us sat down in Burger King. Shortly after, we couldn’t help but notice two young men, one of which was becoming rather aggressive and angry. He was slamming the table and yelling in German making quite the scene. These actions continued through the course of our dinner and towards the end he started crying and laid his face on the open contents of his cheeseburger. We heard his friend across the table tell him that he should see…Continue Reading