Anchor Love - Art by Calvin Hanson
Heart Inspiration Behind the Song The heart of this song was birthed out of a spontaneous intercession and worship time in Herrnhut, Germany. A group of missionaries were crying out in prayer for the salvation of souls in Western Europe and a returning to the love of the Father. In a world wrecked with the injustices of abuse, rejection and pain, an entire generation is searching endlessly for a green pasture, a place of rest, an anchor for their weary souls. The only place of rest is found in a Man, the Man of love,┬áJesus, for God is love and Jesus is God. As we began to prophesy in the place of prayer singing, “Let Love be your anchor!”, we felt a tangible shift in the heavenly realms and were confident and full of expectant faith that the fruition of our prayer would be a tangible reaping of souls for…Continue Reading