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Today I got my hair cut by a social activist. It’s easy to breathe in New Creation Salon—the turquoise walls, gleaming wooden floors and breezy arched windows make a sanctuary from the restless midday dust of Kathmandu streets. I relax, my hair in expert hands of Tanuja, a short, feisty Nepali mama. Before hairdressing, she was in politics. At 19, she traveled to a village in far western Nepal. There she saw a small empty house where women and girls were shut up for four days without food or water: all for the crime of being on their period. They were forbidden to even look a man in the eyes. Tanuja, heartbroken, resolved to give her life to help the women of her country. At the same time she met Jesus, the man who always looks women in the eyes. Persecuted and misunderstood for her faith, Tanuja never gave up.…Continue Reading
Don't Destroy your Leader
Editor’s note: I saw this on Facebook and knew it had to become an article. This is wisdom from Aaron Walsh on Leadership and how to treat leaders published with permission. Enjoy and be encouraged and inspired! — Just spent sometime over the weekend processing with a friend of mine who was contemplating resigning from his leadership role with the church. He loves what he does, he feels called by God and from the outside it appears that he is happy. However as he opened his heart he revealed that the constant criticism from those he leads in the church is taking its toll. He feels like a failure and that what he does is never enough. He is weary and without divine intervention next week, he will quit. Sadly this story seems to be more and more common. It begs the question: What are we doing to our leaders…Continue Reading
Climb Mountain
I have been climbing this mountain for who knows how long; I do it for Him every single step, but the rocks are still sharp. We climb this mountain that stands before me and traverse its craggy precipices together. He walks with me and I try to hear His voice tell me which way to turn, which path to take. He guides me and is there to comfort me when I trip and fall. The rocks are rough and sharp, they pierce my skin every time I am forced to drop to my knees. There are jumps to be made and cliff faces to shimmy up when I encounter them. Easy stretches and harder ones along the way each bring their own challenges and situations to overcome. I am told it is worth it for what lies on the other side and He truly never leaves my side, but I…Continue Reading