Uncertainty and the Kingdom
One of the most common questions I get as a friend, mentor, and someone who is continually changing places is “Where should I go?”, “What should I do with my life?”, or “What if I miss what God wants me to do?”. Usually I laugh.. because I ask the same exact questions. Yet, the more that I continue to walk arm in arm with God, the more I’ve wrestled with questions like this. The more they actually become less and less about locations and time, and more about the deeper things of life. Passions, callings, purpose, dreams. Actually, the more I ask those questions, the more I come out on the other side believing that knowing for certain what I should ‘do’ or ‘where’ I should go isn’t really the right question (and not that there is right and wrong, but you get what I’m saying). My friend Dan Baumann…Continue Reading
It has been about three months since I decided to share my story of struggling with homosexuality and finding freedom. Many things have happened since then and the only way to describe them is that our Heavenly Father is working in my life. From re-discovering my love for music and worship or living in Greenville, SC this summer; the Father has been there walking with me on my journey of freedom. Since you’ve last heard from me, God has allowed me to live in Greenville, South Carolina this summer and live with three godly men from North Greenville University (NGU). I decided to put my big boy pants on and start trusting in the Father more than I ever have, resulting in Him coming through more than ever. After all, I didn’t have a job going into this summer. But, our Father never left me. He provided then and is…Continue Reading
My name is Caleb Massey, I am lover and follower of Jesus Christ. I am from Smithfield, North Carolina. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, went to church every Sunday, and even went to a Christian school my entire life, I was very far from a relationship with my heavenly father. At the age of five I said a prayer to God and asked for salvation. They were insignificant words that meant nothing to me. In fact, it was just something to please my parents. So there I was, growing up in a Christian circle, doing the right things that were required of me. I grew up in an environment where it was all rules, and if we didn’t obey these man made rules we were condemned. I’m not condemning rules as unnecessary, but when they start mattering more then the person they are put in place…Continue Reading