traveling well in the islamic world
Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to and live in several Muslim-majority nations. While I’ve loved it immensely, I’ve also watched fellow Americans struggle with the shift. Some of them were hung up on fear, others on assumptions, but all of them probably could have had a better time if they’d had better information. Here are some of the tricks I’ve picked up for enjoying all that the incredibly diverse Islamic world has to offer. 1. Fear Not. As a young woman, I don’t think I’ve traveled anywhere without someone expressing concern about my safety, but this worry seems to go off the charts when I spend time in Muslim-majority countries. People ask if I will have to wear a hijab or even a burqa, neither of which have ever touched my head. They ask about persecution, terrorism, and jihad. They ask me if I really…Continue Reading
I was twenty-one when God put it on my heart to attend a Buddhist studies program in northern India. I would live in a monastery and study Buddhist culture, philosophy, and meditation practices. I had no good reason for going. I wasn’t much of an evangelist. I had no grand scheme to convert the monks to Christianity, no resources to improve their lives. I simply desired to be there, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should be there. So I went. Are you becoming a Buddhist, Liz? Are you sure this is God’s voice leading you? As I lay under my purple mosquito net the first night, unable to sleep in the choking heat, my friends’ voices drifted through my mind. Are you becoming a Buddhist, Liz? Are you sure this is God’s voice leading you? They had every right to be worried about me, isolated in the…Continue Reading
In life, there are few decisions that will shape your entire future. Marriage is one of them and I never wanted to make that decision. I had a lot of false, preconceived ideas about marriage—so God had to get creative if He wanted me to have a wife. A few years ago I was living in Australia working for a Christian, volunteer organization. God was speaking to me about India. I told no one about it. One day, a friend suggested to re-read ‘Is That Really You God’ by Loren Cunningham. I read it before and had no desire to read it again. But, for some reason I felt a nudge from Holy Spirit. I listened and picked it up. I forgot that Loren traveled to India. He said it was a pivotal time in his life, eventually leading him to his destiny: birthing YWAM. India was chasing me down…
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