✈ Southwest Airlines Flight 711 // Dallas → San Antonio Dallas was wrapped in rain as we ascended into the sky. Love Field quickly disappeared beneath the low-hanging clouds. We were speeding through the low-hanging mist, and I was unwillingly oblivious to what was taking place around us. In that moment, I wanted to be back on the ground. I wanted to be home in my bed with Enoch, my five-pound chihuahua, sleeping the morning away. Instead, I reclined in my seat and leaned my head back. Staring at the ceiling of the aircraft, I whispered to myself, “We’re going through.” Often in life, we encounter storms. The kind that make us want to hide away from the elements and wrap ourselves in whatever is familiar. But I have found that these are the times when Jesus takes my hand and calmly says, “Come on, son. We’re going through.” He then…Continue Reading
✈ Southwest Airlines Flight 4237 // Baltimore – Los Angeles I glanced out the window on a flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles. We were somewhere over Missouri, the cities and towns growing further and further apart than they were on the East Coast. Another commercial airline caught my eye, heading in the opposite direction. As the jet whizzed by, I thought to myself, “Wow, they are moving way faster than we are.” It was then that I realized that the other plane wasn’t moving faster than my plane at all. In fact, they were likely moving at the same speed. The other plane appeared to be flying by, while my plane seemed to be moving at a snail’s pace. When you look out the window of your life, it often appears that the people around you are moving forward and getting ahead, while your own life stays stalled. But…Continue Reading
drops-rain-sky-cycle Photo by DGriebeling (with edits) FLICKR
Rain falls, it falls down Each drop unique, meets its death On this hallowed ground What is the significance of each droplet from the clouds to its demise The drop is deemed irrelevant by its death Some drops are lost forever in the mouths of plants Some drops are stored for a later death Subject to torture through purification And taken for its nutrients with millions of other companions As a group they are named rainwater A special group of drops not only survive, but also live on They become reincarnated drops of redemption Taken up to the sky in supernatural fashion Not by the small droplets strength, but by the cloud From where it first derived It is rebirthed to once again live as the water droplet.
Sustainable Rhythms of Life by Calvin Hanson
Life is full. We go from a work to a birthday party of a friend to a church function. On our down time, we are double-tapping Instagram photos and liking Facebook statuses. Life hooks us into its carousel and we spin and spin and see years pass us by rapidly. I thought I was in High School still! What happened? Now, I am married and have a kid. We’ve been in the carousel so long, we don’t even know we are spinning. Our reality becomes the carousel and we feel weird even thinking about getting off. Being disconnected for a day from social media seems just plain uncomfortable. Don’t even mention taking a day of solitude. Is there an alternative way? Does this carousel life own our schedule? Take a minute and think who is actually in control of your schedule? Is it you? Map out your usual week schedule.…Continue Reading
Pressure. What pictures, words, or memories flow from the word “pressure”? Perhaps it’s an image of condensed, translucent gas; maybe it brings into memory tense moments of struggle in life.  What kind of pressure do you face on a daily basis? The response to pressure has become a Hollywood favorite. A classic scene typically consists of a protagonist facing seemingly insurmountable circumstances with the protagonist responding to the impossibility of success through some sort of impeccable wit. We love these scenes because it calls to our destiny to overcome pressure. We are led to believe we cannot respond in the same fashion as what Hollywood portrays because we don’t have the same ability to think and problem solve on the fly like our favorite protagonists. While we cannot overcome with supernatural powers, we have the gift of perspective. In the midst of tension and stress, certain elements become exaggerated in…Continue Reading