The Dangerous Place - Darken Wooden Land
A few months ago, I sat down for coffee and witnessed the unraveling of mankind—in the form of two young boys. As mimicking and ridicule festered, I watched as the younger formed a tiny fist and maliciously smacked it into the side of his mocker’s head. I muffled my gasp and stared. It was not an awful damage, thankfully, but it led me into an awful thought. There is a simplicity and transparency worn by children. Their motives, though sometimes shocking, are obvious. And despite the sometimes-horrifying repercussions that ensue their actions, I admire their sincerity. There is in every man a transition. It is a strange and critical moment when the temptation to deceive creeps in. And though the most liberating fantasy is the dream of being pure, without any wrong intention, we fall to the wayside. We seem only to naturally grow, from transparent children into masterful actors,…Continue Reading
Mercy of God
About six months ago, my wife and I were driving with our newborn son in the backseat of our car. We stopped at a stop light and were in conversation when all of the sudden, BOOM! We were hit by a van behind us. Of course we were shocked, and the first thing we both thought about was our son! He immediately started crying and we both jumped out of the car so we could check on him. We didn’t even take time to notice the catering van behind us and the young women who was driving it. We were so focused on our son. The whole incident was quite dramatic with a fire truck and ambulance arriving to check everyone out. Not only was the accident her fault, but she hit a car with a newborn baby. When I did get time to talk to the women who hit…Continue Reading
By the Light Josh Garrels - art by Calvin Hanson
Have you ever walked down a hallway and suddenly the lights turns off?  What about strolling along a pathway at dark and the streetlights out of the blue stops illuminating your next steps? Or when on a thunderous night you hear the deep roars of the sky and in the blink of an eye, your well-lit house darkens? In all three occurrences there is one thing all of us do. “… darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water” (Genesis 1:2 CJB) We stand still. Movement naturally stops. You cease to walk down the hallway, the stroll is interfered with an interlude and your socializing at home is substituted by silence. This might be for merely a second or the halt can last several minutes. But what really happens though? It’s more then a mere physical stoppage. The…Continue Reading