You Choose Your World Aden Wright
We can live in a world of Doom, Gloom, and Fear —or— Faith, Hope and Love. We can choose to believe that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and at any moment asteroids, earthquakes, and tidal waves will destroy the earth. —Or— We can risk everything in faith to change the world around us by expanding the Kingdom of our Father. We can choose to believe that God is weak, distant, and disinterested and Satan’s plans to kill, steal, and destroy are inevitable. —Or— We can believe that God has plans of new life, restoration, and reconciliation for those across the globe, standing on the truth that nothing is impossible with God. We can choose to live in a zero-sum game, poverty mindset where there isn’t enough, hoarding because there isn’t enough to go around. —Or— We can give of ourselves generously in love—free of fear, knowing…Continue Reading
In the Song of Songs, the Bride Groom, Jesus, woos His fair maiden (the Bride of Christ) confessing to her His love and affirming the beauty that He sees in her—despite her weakness.  In Song of Song 4, the bride professing to her lover that she will get up and go her way to the mountain of Myrrh (symbolizing suffering) and the hill of Frankincense (symbolizing prayer). After this confessing the Groom affirms her and His love for her saying, “You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Songs 4:7 ESV) He declares his pleasure over her even though she has not departed. He concluded His affirmation with a invitation and a charge—“Come with me from Lebanon, my bride; come with me from Lebanon. Depart from the peak of Amana, from the peak of Senir and Hermon, from the dens of lions, from the…Continue Reading
Hair cuts for strangers by Dustin Berlin
I met Dustin Berlin when he stayed at our house in Barcelona. I hadn’t cried laughing for a while, and it happened after 15 minutes with him. I’m inspired by how he blesses and loves others on the street by using his talents. AMAG: How did you get the idea to cut hair on the street? DB: I know that we can bless each other with the skills we have. I have done hairdressing for 8 years and most people want a hip and personalized look or just feel fresh. If I have the power to do that with ease, I should be out there giving back with my skill. I’ve been cutting hair for random people ever since I started hairdressing in 2006. I believe everyone has a skill. Maybe a hard skill like a mechanic or doing massage or a soft skill, like being aware of other people’s…Continue Reading
The Invitation - Jessica - AwakenMAG
My favorite nights are what I call “some nights”. Some nights, when I sit with my Bible in my lap, I find that God’s love has never changed. I feel as if I’m reading the words for the first time, honestly, with some shame that they seem so new. But in a moment, shame is consumed by the grace of God, and as if with the turn of a page, pools of forgiveness render me speechless as they spill out upon my fingertips, marking me, “Blameless”. Some nights, I discover again that His love is big—much deeper than the shallow efforts I make. I realize that only by His love can I attempt to share it. In those late hours, I realize I am wading in a river of grace, and I cannot neglect the invitation He offers me. Not to simply endure have I been asked, but to learn…Continue Reading
Two hours after purchasing a ticket through an international discount airline, my manager informed me that our vacation days had changed. I immediately called the airlines to see if I could cancel or shift the dates of the tickets without a fee. After two hours of, “We care about our customers. . . but our policy says . . .” I realized they were more concerned with looking back at a policy and a contract that maximizes their immediate profits than having the foresight to ensure our future relationship—which has far more worth over the next 10 years than their over priced cancellation fees. At Mount Sinai, the Israelites wanted a policy. They said, “lets put it on paper that way we can be sure everything is even-Steven.” At Calvary, Jesus fulfilled the previous contract on mans’ behalf—and established a relationship between God and Man. Man wanted protection. Man wanted…Continue Reading
Wine Drop by R Nail Bradshaw - Flickr
Throughout our life hardship brings us to our knees. In many cases hardship comes at the hands of our fellow humans, sometimes even those close to us. In these moments, the pain and suffering we have experienced become a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.  For a moment we are lost at sea to cope with the injustice in our lives. The only hope of navigating through these treacherous waters is to hold tightly onto a response of love in the midst of adversity. Love adjusts to adversity in order to take a genuine and authentic interest in the lives of others; it hopes to revolutionize the way people think about love. Low points in our lives will shake us to our foundation. A story was once told about a cup of wine filled to the very brim. When affected with even the slightest of movement, it is indeed wine that spills out.…Continue Reading
Radical Jesus Follower
Over the past 6,000 years, #radical has been trending across humanity. We have been pushing the bounds of man’s physical capabilities though incredible innovation. It is fantastic.  In the past 100 years, this underlying current has put a man on the moon–#thefinalfrontier—performed successful heart transplants –#modernmedicine—and placed the world in the palm of our hands–#iphone. In the vast world of Christendom, we have our sub-cultural hashtags that we subconsciously stamp our lives with: #radical, #soldout, #hardestdarkest, #GO #everynationeverysoul. This subculture of believers are following the same trend of the world—#extreme—yet to bring glory to God, not their own name. The language of being “great” before God as a radical lover and servant of Him is transforming the world. God does not need a radical generation. God is looking for a generation tagged with #faithfulness, #diligence, #perseverance, and #love. There is, however, a deadly poison laced in these labels that we…Continue Reading
Dear Diary
This originally was not written for a blog post. It’s from my own personal journal. I felt to share with you my journal entry, a little piece of my heart and struggles written on May 17th. This is raw with nothing edited, just as I wrote it over a month ago. I think I have never had such deep revelation of my life really not being my own until having Maddox. I miss free time! They say life gets easier but I don’t see it. Time is fleeting and sometimes I feel in a panic. Am I doing anything? What do I want to do with my life? Do I want more kids? Do I want to be a full time mom? Do I want to live overseas forever? Do I want to work? Life…What does it hold? It seems when I finally ‘arrive’ to something I’ve dreamt of for years…Continue Reading
The S word
Is it wedding season or what?! Every weekend recently its like I’m either at a wedding or looking at the photos from one! All of my beautiful friends are getting married and their wedding are off the charts awesome! Shout out to Jana and Eli Contreras and Matt and Kiki Anderson! There is no party like a wedding, its my favorite of all celebrations I can attend! God bless your marriages! Im obviously only 19 and don’t need to worry about a life companion right now right? I’m too young or whatever the wise say. But c’mon people. Let me be honest, I think anytime is a good time when a relationship is about Christ. But thats not really what the topic I want to fully tackle in this post. What I want to talk about is the ‘S’ word. S I N G L E N E S S. *enter dramatic…Continue Reading
Uncertainty and the Kingdom
One of the most common questions I get as a friend, mentor, and someone who is continually changing places is “Where should I go?”, “What should I do with my life?”, or “What if I miss what God wants me to do?”. Usually I laugh.. because I ask the same exact questions. Yet, the more that I continue to walk arm in arm with God, the more I’ve wrestled with questions like this. The more they actually become less and less about locations and time, and more about the deeper things of life. Passions, callings, purpose, dreams. Actually, the more I ask those questions, the more I come out on the other side believing that knowing for certain what I should ‘do’ or ‘where’ I should go isn’t really the right question (and not that there is right and wrong, but you get what I’m saying). My friend Dan Baumann…Continue Reading