Dirty Jesus by Brian Fannin - Art by Calvin Hanson
We believe the Father the dozens of times he Biblically states that he can make all things new. But are we willing to wait for his timeline? I‘ve been confronted this week with an interesting conversation between John the Baptist and Jesus in Matthew chapter 11. John poses the question, “Are you the Expected One, or shall we look for someone else?” Jesus goes on to state that blessed are those who aren’t offended by him. “Have I set expectations on Jesus?” Click To Tweet Though brief the question of John was, we’re left with an interesting thought. Was John the Baptist taken aback by the appearance of Jesus? Did he not recognize the one that he’d been preparing for all those years? Even to such extreme measures? This King of kings probably didn’t look like such. Whether or not these assumptions on John’s thoughts are accurate, they pose an…Continue Reading
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I met Jason Estopinal during an Awaken Gathering in Santa Barbara California a few years ago and loved his authenticity. He wants to live the true gospel. You can see it shine through in this interview. He and some others have started a coffee company in Haiti called Trezo d’ Haiti with the goal of contributing to the transformation in Haiti. Enjoy! AMAG: What is Trezo d’Haiti and what made you want to start a coffee company in Haiti? THE PROCESS Haitian farmers grow on small pieces of land called “Creole gardens,” right next to the fruits and vegetables they’ll be eating for dinner. Each step in the process is personally and carefully completed, using the same methods their ancestors used. JE: Trezò d’Haïti is a brand of specialty gourmet Haitian coffees, organically grown in the highlands of Haiti. Our coffee is legit: contrary to most of the commercialized hybrid varieties…Continue Reading