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One thing I have learned over the past few years is that God is creative. When he walked the earth, almost every miracle recorded was done differently. In contrast, my tendency is to want some format to see results—A+B=C always and forever, but maybe God likes to use the pythagorean theorem then throw in a random variable at the last minute in which case we come to a conclusion that requires calculus (ah! a reason I switched my Major in College). he looked at me and said, “The Lord is going to give you a house.”  The following is a story I could not make up if I wanted to: It was the start of an ordinary day in an Awaken Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii and I was told to give our speaker for the week a bottle of water before he began. He happened to be a prophetic…Continue Reading
Little did I think that just two days after arriving in Katmandu Nepal, we would swiftly be whisked into one of the most incredible journeys of our lives. Upon arriving, we only had enough time to unpack and go shopping for what we would need on the two week trek to Darma, which was an unreached village that had never heard the gospel of Jesus before. I didn’t exactly know what to feel except to be excited! We hopped onto a bus with our team along with some of the Ministry staff. After a rocky and bumpy 13 hour bus ride, we hopped on a sketchy plane and flew to the NW region of Nepal; a district called Humla, We flew into a village called Simikot, where massive snow laden mountains fill the landscape and the fresh crisp mountain air fills your lungs. All around our plane was a rainbow…Continue Reading