Dewali Festival Decoration by John Pavelka
The Festival of Lights is just flicking on in Nepal, and I need to buy eggs and beat the dusk home. Against the paling sky, blinking lights bedazzle shops and house verandahs—like Christmas in October. The supermarket is lit up like Santa’s workshop. Familiar shopkeepers smile. As they put my groceries in white plastic, they invite me to join them for prayers. I ask to whom? for what? They motion to a colourful woman’s portrait behind the counter—their goddess of fortune. The lights attract her favor. “Do you need money?” they smirk at their funny question. I laugh-smile, handing over rupees. “I’m ok. When I need money, I pray to my God too,” I say. What I don’t say: I don’t need to put up lights. Scurrying home under a sky blinking with man-made stars , I am thankful for eggs and God who gives for the asking, not just…Continue Reading