That Faithful Witness in the Sky On the heels of being given the dream for his life, Joseph immediately entered into a pit of despair. Literally, a pit. In Genesis 37, after receiving his promise and dream, Joseph is betrayed by his brothers, stripped of his robe, and left for dead in a pit awaiting the arrival of a ravenous beast looking for a feast. Sounds prosperous, palatable, and promising, right? Actually no, it’s the exact opposite of what Joe had been promised just a few verses before. So how do we explain this? I’ve heard it said that “p-i-t” stands for “prophet-in-training”. It seems to be a way of God to give a promise, and then He will allow circumstances to arise in life to test our motives, our obedience, and form us into the image of Jesus more and more so that when the promise comes to pass,…Continue Reading
By the Light Josh Garrels - art by Calvin Hanson
Have you ever walked down a hallway and suddenly the lights turns off?  What about strolling along a pathway at dark and the streetlights out of the blue stops illuminating your next steps? Or when on a thunderous night you hear the deep roars of the sky and in the blink of an eye, your well-lit house darkens? In all three occurrences there is one thing all of us do. “… darkness was on the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water” (Genesis 1:2 CJB) We stand still. Movement naturally stops. You cease to walk down the hallway, the stroll is interfered with an interlude and your socializing at home is substituted by silence. This might be for merely a second or the halt can last several minutes. But what really happens though? It’s more then a mere physical stoppage. The…Continue Reading