Who Will You Follow? A Response to the events in Kenya, Russia, Lebanon, and France
A Response to the events in Kenya, Russia, Lebanon, and France I was out running errands when I heard about the attacks in France. I was upset. Angry. I shook my head at the Arab world around me and said to myself, “So this is the fruit of Islam?”  Hatred began to bubble up in my heart. Heading home, I jumped in the backseat of a cab, hoping that that Pakistani driver would ignore me. Yet, 30 seconds into the trip, the cab driver realize I spoke his language and my hopes for a silent journey vanished. Feeling argumentative, and wanting to blow off some steam, I asked him if he had heard the news. He had, and like every other Arab I know, he claimed that those men weren’t real muslims. They weren’t following the way of the prophet. I disagreed by quoting some choice verses from the Quran, “kill them [the unbeliever]…Continue Reading
Editor's note: Isaac sent this as an update from his recent trip to Nepal. I have adapted it to an article. Be sure and look at the photos in the header by using the right arrow to scroll. Last week I returned from one of my favorite nations, Nepal! Leading up to this trip, it soon became one of my most faith building ventures as I needed to raise a few thousand dollars in such a short amount of time. Through many of your prayers guided by the power of God I actually left with more than I needed that I was able to donate! In just 10 days I raised my goal of just under $3,000 on GoFundMe the crowdfunding platform and was able to join in with the second Kona wave team. Many natural disasters happen all over the world, but with the earthquakes that devastated Nepal it…Continue Reading
The Invitation - Jessica - AwakenMAG
My favorite nights are what I call “some nights”. Some nights, when I sit with my Bible in my lap, I find that God’s love has never changed. I feel as if I’m reading the words for the first time, honestly, with some shame that they seem so new. But in a moment, shame is consumed by the grace of God, and as if with the turn of a page, pools of forgiveness render me speechless as they spill out upon my fingertips, marking me, “Blameless”. Some nights, I discover again that His love is big—much deeper than the shallow efforts I make. I realize that only by His love can I attempt to share it. In those late hours, I realize I am wading in a river of grace, and I cannot neglect the invitation He offers me. Not to simply endure have I been asked, but to learn…Continue Reading
Dear Diary
This originally was not written for a blog post. It’s from my own personal journal. I felt to share with you my journal entry, a little piece of my heart and struggles written on May 17th. This is raw with nothing edited, just as I wrote it over a month ago. I think I have never had such deep revelation of my life really not being my own until having Maddox. I miss free time! They say life gets easier but I don’t see it. Time is fleeting and sometimes I feel in a panic. Am I doing anything? What do I want to do with my life? Do I want more kids? Do I want to be a full time mom? Do I want to live overseas forever? Do I want to work? Life…What does it hold? It seems when I finally ‘arrive’ to something I’ve dreamt of for years…Continue Reading
Mozambican Hands
“He’s got the whole world in His hands” I would sing throughout my childhood at Sunday school. Even now, I find that all too familiar song flooding back into my memory. It got me thinking about hands. The position of my hands have often depicted the posture of my heart. What my hands are doing help describe the season I am walking through. Earlier this year, I had the great joy of serving on staff at Youth With A Mission in a Discipleship Training School. Hours were spent in preparation for the school, and my hands were constantly sweating—nervous of the responsibility set before me and the insecurities that had surfaced as a first time staff member. Once the school began, the things I had previously held tightly to vanished as I walked and learned alongside such incredible people. When dealing with circumstances beyond my reach, the Lord was teaching me to lift…Continue Reading