You Choose Your World Aden Wright
We can live in a world of Doom, Gloom, and Fear —or— Faith, Hope and Love. We can choose to believe that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and at any moment asteroids, earthquakes, and tidal waves will destroy the earth. —Or— We can risk everything in faith to change the world around us by expanding the Kingdom of our Father. We can choose to believe that God is weak, distant, and disinterested and Satan’s plans to kill, steal, and destroy are inevitable. —Or— We can believe that God has plans of new life, restoration, and reconciliation for those across the globe, standing on the truth that nothing is impossible with God. We can choose to live in a zero-sum game, poverty mindset where there isn’t enough, hoarding because there isn’t enough to go around. —Or— We can give of ourselves generously in love—free of fear, knowing…Continue Reading
I was driving across the river into my city the other day when I noticed a billboard. There was a photo of a woman, with text at the top that read “She’s somebody’s daughter.” Below that, it read “Building communities that honor women.” As I took this in, I couldn’t help but notice the billboard that followed it. This one also had a photo of a woman on it, but it was much different, as it advertised a strip club. Taking the next exit into my neighborhood, I began to think about how this fits into my own life. These billboards represent a vast paradox that we often see as we seek to proclaim the Kingdom of God in a broken world. We can build a place where people can connect with God and humanity is restored to its original design; a place where broken relationships become whole, where we…Continue Reading
Pressure. What pictures, words, or memories flow from the word “pressure”? Perhaps it’s an image of condensed, translucent gas; maybe it brings into memory tense moments of struggle in life.  What kind of pressure do you face on a daily basis? The response to pressure has become a Hollywood favorite. A classic scene typically consists of a protagonist facing seemingly insurmountable circumstances with the protagonist responding to the impossibility of success through some sort of impeccable wit. We love these scenes because it calls to our destiny to overcome pressure. We are led to believe we cannot respond in the same fashion as what Hollywood portrays because we don’t have the same ability to think and problem solve on the fly like our favorite protagonists. While we cannot overcome with supernatural powers, we have the gift of perspective. In the midst of tension and stress, certain elements become exaggerated in…Continue Reading