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In September, Jeremiah and Katie Gibson set out from Texas, believing that God was calling them to a round-the-world faith journey. As with most faith journeys, they didn’t know where they’d end up or how they’d afford it. They simply said “yes” to God’s call and trusted that he would work out the details. Five months and six locations later, they stumbled into my apartment in Prishtina, Kosovo, exhausted from an all-night travel schedule made worse by delays. After some rest and a strong cup of tea, the Gibsons told me how their global adventure began. When they got engaged last winter, both Jeremiah and Katie had a heart for missions. As they prepared for marriage, they sought God’s plan for their first year together, hopeful that he might release them to minister in the nations. Ten months passed with little direction. Then the Gibsons began receiving “go” words. Friends…Continue Reading
Mercy of God
About six months ago, my wife and I were driving with our newborn son in the backseat of our car. We stopped at a stop light and were in conversation when all of the sudden, BOOM! We were hit by a van behind us. Of course we were shocked, and the first thing we both thought about was our son! He immediately started crying and we both jumped out of the car so we could check on him. We didn’t even take time to notice the catering van behind us and the young women who was driving it. We were so focused on our son. The whole incident was quite dramatic with a fire truck and ambulance arriving to check everyone out. Not only was the accident her fault, but she hit a car with a newborn baby. When I did get time to talk to the women who hit…Continue Reading
As we arrive at the halfway point of our Awaken Discipleship Training School (DTS), Amy Sollars came to teach. She is a prominent teacher on the Holy Spirit. One day, we had mass baptisms in the Holy Spirit. The next, we had teaching and mass anointing in gifts of the spirit. By Wednesday, our entire class had either been hardcore rocked by God or was becoming a little bummed out by their own lack of encounters. God moves in unexplainable ways. Why he encounters some so strongly, some gradually and others not in physical ways is a mystery. We have to trust that God is indeed moving in everybody’s lives and hearts regardless of physical manifestations. We saw so many students encountered by God in ways that will truly change their lives forever. People were called into missions long term, freed from strongholds, and given the Holy Spirit in truly amazing ways.…Continue Reading
The Landing backstage
Old brick buildings boldly boast in prime perspectives and arrogant accomplishments as some simpletons stroll the campus of an Ivy League School. We walk the campuses of the world-famed universities, located on the North East coast of America. Thousand of eyes have looked upon these historic walls. Thousand of ears have heard the messages immersed in them and thousands have entered within to spend a season of life. As you all know the western clock claims we’re at 2013 Anno Domini. But those walls got established hundred years ago. And the pioneering years of these Ivy League Schools are known as wonderful and applauded by many. Ministers and missionaries initially made the educational toil here. Preparing to serve God’s wonderful sons and daughters, whether it was nationally or internationally. We continue to walk our simple journey amidst these brick-jungles on the North East. Sometimes talking to the dwellers here, other…Continue Reading
Trust Faith Father
“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 Faith. Not seen. Have faith in things we cannot see? That seems hard for me. That feels like a battle of my flesh and my personality. I am a planner and organizer to the max. I know that God has gifted me with those strengths, but I also know it crosses the line into fear and not trusting in Jesus. When is my motivation to plan and organize coming from a fearful heart? A worried and doubtful heart? I know in these moments, I lose trust in the character of God and who He promises He is. The man I know He is. I lose this because I start taking control, I start planning, and I do it all out of my own strength all in fear that God might not be who He…Continue Reading
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It’s been years of facing the wall of my closet, contending for the brokenness in families. Ones on the brink of disintegrating to dust. Ones like mine. Growing up as the youngest of four and under divorced parents, I’ve always fought the battle of never feeling understood, so I turned to a community of believers who did. God began radically accelerating a ton in my life. Testimonies of healings, provision, and revelations of Jesus were rising not only in my heart, but in the community I was running with. Little did I realize, I neglected my family along the way, because my constant efforts to share about what God was doing, just translated to gibberish. It seemed that even when stepping out in faith to share with them, my words fell to the ground. Through the times I was with my family, my mind never was, and it showed. The…Continue Reading
Mozambican Hands
“He’s got the whole world in His hands” I would sing throughout my childhood at Sunday school. Even now, I find that all too familiar song flooding back into my memory. It got me thinking about hands. The position of my hands have often depicted the posture of my heart. What my hands are doing help describe the season I am walking through. Earlier this year, I had the great joy of serving on staff at Youth With A Mission in a Discipleship Training School. Hours were spent in preparation for the school, and my hands were constantly sweating—nervous of the responsibility set before me and the insecurities that had surfaced as a first time staff member. Once the school began, the things I had previously held tightly to vanished as I walked and learned alongside such incredible people. When dealing with circumstances beyond my reach, the Lord was teaching me to lift…Continue Reading