Joy in Inconvenience
The following story took place in Togo, Africa, during a missions outreach. Last week our missions team went to an orphanage. The team left early that morning, around 7 am, and were on their way home after a long day of loving the precious children at the orphanage. The team was exhausted and many were sleeping on the way home when Johan, our Irish lad who was sitting in the front seat saw a man on the side of the road. Now this man had one leg shorter than the other, as soon as Johan saw him, he felt the Lord tell him to stop the car to pray for him. Soon in to the start of our outreach our team made a decision that any time we saw someone on the side of the road that we wanted to stop and pray for we would holler at Komi our…Continue Reading
“The buses should be running today” our Columbian friend David said with confidence. We catch a ride with him into Guadalajara for our Spanish classes every day. On this particular day, Guadalajara was celebrating Dia de la Virgen. Every year, there is a big “parade” stretching from Guadalajara to Zapopan for the transferring of the Patrona of Zapopan from one Cathedral to another. After our Spanish class, we went to catch our first of two buses that we take home. I was relieved when the 371 Bus came into sight still having a sense that it could be difficult to get home. As we approached our destination, our second bus stop, we saw a large problem. The whole street was blocked for the parade. We exited the bus and tried to figure out what to do. There were masses of people going in both directions. We decided to walk a little…Continue Reading
Somewhere between Kosovo and Bosnia “We missed our bus!” Christer reported back to us after returning from the ticket counter. The truth is this bus may or may not have existed. Transportation is always an adventure in this part of the world. We were in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, on our way to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina. Things had just started to fall into place before this moment. Our contacts e-mailed us back at our last pitstop, where we miraculously had wifi in the bus station, saying they would love to have us in Sarajevo. Up until that moment, we were going on faith to a city with no place to stay. I snapped out of my analytical thought process as Dan came up to us and announced, “I found a taxi with enough seats! It will cost 180 euros, but if we take it, we…
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Background Information Location: Lohne, Germany  Brian works with a ministry called Fascinate Transformation School. The first school was located in Taylors, South Carolina. He traveled with some of the Fascinate community to Germany to help run another school put on by a missionary friend. After a speaking engagement at a church in Germany, my friends and I  went out to a late dinner with some of our new friends. The eight of us sat down in Burger King. Shortly after, we couldn’t help but notice two young men, one of which was becoming rather aggressive and angry. He was slamming the table and yelling in German making quite the scene. These actions continued through the course of our dinner and towards the end he started crying and laid his face on the open contents of his cheeseburger. We heard his friend across the table tell him that he should see…Continue Reading