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I never wanted it to be because of my words, my persuasion, my hand, but I wanted the Truth to capsize people, like it capsized us that day. Simon and I had begun our conversations about love, life, dreams, purpose, and Truth two months before. The answer felt near and plain, but it was our eyes— our hearts that held us captive to the dark. We felt blind and numb to the face in front of us then; at least, I did. It was all grey that morning. We sat side by side. We were together but removed, drawn to the same source, but in our minds, miles apart— pelting pebbles into the shallow edges of the reservoir. After what seemed like days, it began to burn inside of me; I could hold it in no longer. It rang out, sore and stinging from my lips, into the frigid air;…Continue Reading
The Creator Revealed in Nature
God, in His infinite wisdom created a world where it’s physical nature reflects the shadow of His endless beauty. I am convinced that it is the single most effective tool to bring mankind back to the eternal longing, the eternal question and ultimately the eternal answer. In Romans, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, Paul tells us that “..since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse…” (Romans 1:20) In the place of waiting on God, in peace, in the quiet, where no social network is a distraction and no busy to-do’s flash their lights; you’ll find God again. Creation was set in order as a divine plumb-line for mankind. Inviting us back to the eternal pleasures that can only be found in the whisper of the wind,…Continue Reading
Dear Diary
This originally was not written for a blog post. It’s from my own personal journal. I felt to share with you my journal entry, a little piece of my heart and struggles written on May 17th. This is raw with nothing edited, just as I wrote it over a month ago. I think I have never had such deep revelation of my life really not being my own until having Maddox. I miss free time! They say life gets easier but I don’t see it. Time is fleeting and sometimes I feel in a panic. Am I doing anything? What do I want to do with my life? Do I want more kids? Do I want to be a full time mom? Do I want to live overseas forever? Do I want to work? Life…What does it hold? It seems when I finally ‘arrive’ to something I’ve dreamt of for years…Continue Reading
Jasen Chung
It’s been about 4 months since I’ve embraced the reality that I may be home for some time. Home is a place I rarely visited, and for good reason. In between my mission trips around the globe, I stayed just long enough to never fully reintegrate. I guess in all honesty, I didn’t want to become my old self. I wanted to protect the change God was doing every time I left home. Now I find myself contrasting against a world I feel so near yet distant from. Little did I know, I may have been hurting myself and fanning the flames of immaturity. Needless to say, my heart has been transformed through all I’ve seen and experienced with God. I’m a changed man who was given the undeserving grace to see through God’s eyes. And when a soul is given the honor to beautifully collide with Jesus’ grace, our…Continue Reading
Noah Adoption
Adoption is a very important concept for a Jesus follower because it defines how we join the family of God. Like many concepts that are important in life, the best way to learn them is through experience. That is how adoption was opened up to me, through my own experience. What if I canʼt love this baby like my first son Jude? My husband and I always wanted to adopt. We had a biological son first named Jude and he changed my life. I love him so much and he made me realize the biggest purpose for my life was to be his mom. I had a very difficult pregnancy and I was not prepared to go through that again. We felt it was time to consider adoption. There are many fears that I walked through to make a decision to adopt. What if I canʼt love this baby like…
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Last night I had a peculiar dream, I was an elderly man visiting an old, plantation-style house which seemed to have incredible memories of power and love for me. A pleasantly, nostalgic experience. As I entered the house, I noticed a group of men communing around a table. They were wearing vintage clothing and seemed to be moving about their evening completely uninterested by my presence or even aware of my intrusion. Eventually, I joined in conversation with one of the elderly men only to be informed that I was a ghost. I was taken aback, not previously aware of my death. I asked him why they were all unsurprised by my presence if I was indeed a ghost and he revealed that the ghost of an elderly woman visited their property once a year and had done so for a very long time. I awoke with a horrible longing…Continue Reading