Sammy Rodriguez
Who is Sammy Rodriguez? He’s a guy who smiles real big. Yeah, kind of like your old elementary school principal, but not so big it resembled the strange art teacher.  It’s a rather kind smile that conveys easy lovin’. I want you to picture a tall, Puerto Rican guy with enough charisma to fill a room. He’s a guy that loves to be in the spotlight. You might even say he comes alive, especially when it comes to “game time”. What exactly is game time? It’s the many moments on stage; it’s the nights spent at universities, parking lots, and churches nationwide speaking about the love of Jesus to hundreds of young people. It’s also the everyday moments in the grocery store when he’s altering eternal destinies in the midst of searching for cereal. On his twenty sixth birthday you’ll find him in perhaps an unexpected place. While the rest…Continue Reading
The Landing backstage
Old brick buildings boldly boast in prime perspectives and arrogant accomplishments as some simpletons stroll the campus of an Ivy League School. We walk the campuses of the world-famed universities, located on the North East coast of America. Thousand of eyes have looked upon these historic walls. Thousand of ears have heard the messages immersed in them and thousands have entered within to spend a season of life. As you all know the western clock claims we’re at 2013 Anno Domini. But those walls got established hundred years ago. And the pioneering years of these Ivy League Schools are known as wonderful and applauded by many. Ministers and missionaries initially made the educational toil here. Preparing to serve God’s wonderful sons and daughters, whether it was nationally or internationally. We continue to walk our simple journey amidst these brick-jungles on the North East. Sometimes talking to the dwellers here, other…Continue Reading