One of my favorite things to do, hands down, is sit on a porch and watch the clouds roll in. Call it a perk of having a quiet soul. To sit before a view and observe the leaves move, the colors change in the sun’s light, the ins and outs of how the earth breathes daily; this is a luxury. Having a soul that must be fed by such precious moments is both a blessing and a curse. As a missionary, I find myself before more gorgeous views across the world than most, but the time it takes to really study a spot is rarely available. And yet my heart aches to be breathed upon by beauty. Maybe the way to impact a campus or a city is to settle in enough to just be and let the Holy Spirit water me wherever He plants me. Fruit comes from trees…Continue Reading
Root Activation
What drives you? It’s funny, when one thinks about the word drive, the first inclination is to think of the concept of motivation or the soul force within that pushes towards a desired goal. If taken literally, the word drive means much more than a motivation. It begs the question, “what controls you?” When an individual is driving, they are controlling the direction of the wheel and ultimately the direction of the vehicle. An individual is driving the object to where she wants to go. Let’s ask the question again. What drives you? What controls your life? At the very root of the force within you, what ideas, values, or morals activate your spirit? Many of us struggle with this very question. In fact, millions live in fear of lack of financial security or a loss of love from a person or people they value. Many live for the sake of competition: bigger,…Continue Reading