Steven Shallert Songs of Sorrow - Songs of Hope
This post is a re-blog from I thought it was a great review of a great album by Steve Schallert. ~Calvin Hanson, editor A couple of years ago, Steve invited me over to play through arrangements for some songs he was working on. After 6 months of playing together there were a number of solid songs and He decided to go after recording them. Songs of Sorrow / Songs of Hope by Steve SchallertAfter about 6 months of playing the songs he was writing through, both of our commitments pulled us in different directions and I had little awareness of how things were progressing until he sent out a kickstarter email and funded the recording in record time! Fast forward a few more months and Songs of Sorrow | Songs of Hope was released and it has been the most listened to album for me ever since. Another World is possible,…Continue Reading