Photo by Abhinay Omkar - Flickr - EDITTED TINT
God loves impossible dreamers. We are all born with seeds of impossible in our hearts. Every child wants to fly. To save the world. They want their parents to be happy and wars to stop. These wild-eyed dreamers are the role models for Christianity. The Kingdom of God is already in their little grabby hands. That is, until grown-up scolders and mockers stamp out the fires in their eyes and teach them to be “realistic”. Would-be ballerinas become waitresses. Aspiring astronauts settle on accounting. They colour inside the lines of their bank accounts, their parent’s expectations and their perceived potential. Then there are those who squiggle across the pages of history with vibrant colours, shamelessly defying all lines and rules. These are the kids who refused to grow up. The impossible dreamers. Abraham, Moses, Hannah, Joan of Arc, Wilberforce, Martin Luther King Jr, to name a few. Their stories haunt…Continue Reading