Sustainable Rhythms of Life by Calvin Hanson
Life is full. We go from a work to a birthday party of a friend to a church function. On our down time, we are double-tapping Instagram photos and liking Facebook statuses. Life hooks us into its carousel and we spin and spin and see years pass us by rapidly. I thought I was in High School still! What happened? Now, I am married and have a kid. We’ve been in the carousel so long, we don’t even know we are spinning. Our reality becomes the carousel and we feel weird even thinking about getting off. Being disconnected for a day from social media seems just plain uncomfortable. Don’t even mention taking a day of solitude. Is there an alternative way? Does this carousel life own our schedule? Take a minute and think who is actually in control of your schedule? Is it you? Map out your usual week schedule.…Continue Reading
The world we live in revolves around, around and around again. We breathe and dance in the light and we exhale and sleep in the dark. But our globe finds itself both under the sun and under the moon at the same time. The winds bring paradoxically cooling breezes and winter tempests. The flowers blossom and bloom, but leaves also fall and frost. Our watches go tick-tock as the hands circle sixty steps. The hour can be noon for some, but night for others. Indeed. The world we exist in consists of different seasons and various times. And it’s all occurring and ordered by an ordinary word called—change. I’ll stop my intro there, a wee attempt to make an allusion to what will be told. Soon and very soon you will be reading (hopefully) about divine seasons and times. By that I don’t mean mere physical seasons, like, autumn and…Continue Reading