Original (photo modified) "We are all United" by Nina Matthews Photography
Summer was just beginning in Kosovo when two pink lines appeared on the flimsy pregnancy test. Our neighborhood pharmacist assured my husband and me that this tiny piece of paper was, in fact, accurate. We were going to be parents. We were already planning to leave Kosovo a few weeks after I took the infamous test; we just hadn’t decided where to live next. For the last five months, I’ve carried this baby across America, Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, and France, looking for a place to call home. Traveling as an expectant parent, I’ve been on high alert, closely observing each culture and wondering how my child would fare within it. In Kosovo, I watched strangers pinch the cheeks of every baby in sight. In southern France, I was awed by mothers’ nonchalance with scorpions. In each place, I listened to what people were teaching their children about God and all…Continue Reading
North Korea Bus
“Wow, 4th time in.”  I thought to myself.  “It almost seems…easy.” I’m beginning to think part of the enemy’s strategy in trying to keep this nation under spiritual oppression is convincing the church that it’s impossible to go into North Korea, and that even if they did, there’s not much they could do. My experiences lately have taught me otherwise, while there is truth in that the nation is still under communist rule, and discretion needs to be exercised when going in, there’s much accuracy in the fact that a nation is being shifted as believers pray on the land and show love to those whom they come in contact with. How do I know the spiritual climate is different? Two years ago, when I went in for the first time, I felt the heaviness of communism all around me. It was hard to maintain hope as we were paraded around from…
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