Yes 2 Choices Jesus
There is a yes. A lurking seed in the heart, urging us to do illogical, dangerous things. When it gets the better of us, anything could happen. Some jump from airplanes, climb mountains, drive fast cars, or fall in love. For a moment their heart throbs with the joy of risk. But it fades. We ache: for beauty, danger, and the risk of love. We watch their shadows on screens and stages. We grasp, as they slip through our fingers: they are not for sale. But some seem to have found the secret. You can tell by their burnt trails of audacious behaviour and their hungry, happy eyes. Have you seen Him? they sing. Who? The homeless man who walked by the sea singing, Come! Lose your life! Follow me. No where. No how long. Just come. Fishermen threw away their nets, prostitutes left their street corners, and taxmen shut…Continue Reading