Editor's Note: I met Jacob Cole in Hawaii a few years back and followed his journey to Amsterdam to set up a café with his wife. They officially opened in the last few months after many months of work and have great plans for the café. I thought it'd be fruitful to pick Jacob's brain a bit about the project and what God taught him through it. Click the arrows on header photo to see before&after photos. AMAG: Jacob, what compelled you to create a café at the YWAM Amsterdam base? JC: Good question, I feel like that’s kind of a question with a lot to answer. I actually first came to YWAM Amsterdam a little over 3 years ago. I was leading an outreach here and during that time I became really good friends with the base leader, Reinier. After I left he asked me to consider coming back and…Continue Reading
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Over a year ago, I visited a Youth with a Mission (YWAM) center in Herrnhut, Germany. It changed my life in many ways. The creative excellence coming from this place is astounding—Not just in its artistic expression but how they were using their talents for the glory of God in wild faith and through loving the one in front of them. The idea for AwakenMag was planted there when I saw their ATOM Magazine. They were also a great resource as we put together the first published AwakenMag. While at the YWAM center, I picked up a sampler CD of this group called Liz and the Lions. Little did I know they would be playing in my living room a a year or so years later. The band was birthed with a heart to bring awareness, find partners, and raise funds that go toward the ending of extreme poverty. They’ve…Continue Reading
As we arrive at the halfway point of our Awaken Discipleship Training School (DTS), Amy Sollars came to teach. She is a prominent teacher on the Holy Spirit. One day, we had mass baptisms in the Holy Spirit. The next, we had teaching and mass anointing in gifts of the spirit. By Wednesday, our entire class had either been hardcore rocked by God or was becoming a little bummed out by their own lack of encounters. God moves in unexplainable ways. Why he encounters some so strongly, some gradually and others not in physical ways is a mystery. We have to trust that God is indeed moving in everybody’s lives and hearts regardless of physical manifestations. We saw so many students encountered by God in ways that will truly change their lives forever. People were called into missions long term, freed from strongholds, and given the Holy Spirit in truly amazing ways.…Continue Reading
In life, there are few decisions that will shape your entire future. Marriage is one of them and I never wanted to make that decision. I had a lot of false, preconceived ideas about marriage—so God had to get creative if He wanted me to have a wife. A few years ago I was living in Australia working for a Christian, volunteer organization. God was speaking to me about India. I told no one about it. One day, a friend suggested to re-read ‘Is That Really You God’ by Loren Cunningham. I read it before and had no desire to read it again. But, for some reason I felt a nudge from Holy Spirit. I listened and picked it up. I forgot that Loren traveled to India. He said it was a pivotal time in his life, eventually leading him to his destiny: birthing YWAM. India was chasing me down…
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